Day 5

Today was our last day of service in the Kansas City community. We wrapped up at familiar sites. At Metro’s Lutheran Ministry, we shopped and restocked food pantry shelves. At Pal’s Farms and the Nourish Food Kitchen, the other crews continued their work they started at the beginning of the week.

After service work and showers, people we pretty tired and ready to sleep. There were braid circles with new friends and giggle sessions, while others read to each other.

Supper was a unique and fun experience. We got the opportunity to invite people from the community or our work sites to “The Cook Out”. The people we invited told us more about themselves and why they chose to dedicate their time for others. They will always have a special place in our hearts.

After dinner we had a worship that had singing, laughing, and dancing. We all would either scream the songs out while holding our hands in the air or sway with each other while we gently sang along.

The service ended with the reading of Jesus washing his disciple’s feet. So we got to experience that connection while our leaders washed our feet and prayed for us.

We ended the night with our own church time and we shared and process together.

See you soon! We know you missed us.

-Taffy and Hannah