Day 4

Hey everybody!

Let me talk to you about our day today, fourth day of the week. First, we woke up a little tired then normal, but thats usual, since we are almost through the entire week. After breakfast was finished, we started our day of service! Most of the groups changed locations, and worked on different sites today. Those include apartments, thrift stores, pantries, and churches. At the pantry, people served, waitressed, helped in the kitchen, etc. At the apartments, we did organizing, moving, and cleaning. At the thrift stores, we sorted clothing, toys, shoes, along with picking up donations and running the cash register.

Later after finishing up with showering, we went on a little trip to the KC Plaza! We were there to complete a scavenger hunt for one hour. On the scavenger hunt, we were looking for clues at the water fountain and other places near by. When the scavenger hunt was completed, we headed back to the church to finish up with Gathering. At the Gathering, we listened to many songs, and played games. We also listened to a short story and then went on our way to church time. We talked about the day, and what stood out to us. It was a very good and relaxing day, since the heat wasn’t too bad. The tempature in the morning was at lest 75 degrees. Anyway, that was the spiel of the day!

Thanks for listening to our great day, and we will keep you in on the insight!

-Payton and Peyton (P squared)