Howdy everyone!

Today was Day 2 of service work! We continued to love authentically for real, sticking to out theme this week. The majority of our groups worked at the same sites, but some had different work in different areas today. A new site we worked at today was Metro Lutheran Ministries: their main purpose is connect people to services they need such as housing, employment, healthcare, job training and more. Their ministry is growing so today we helped them move around equipment and supplies in order to run more efficiently and serve more people.

Because of the heat today, outside work was tough—but we continued to endure and help gardens and gardeners harvest and plant to provide produce throughout the season. We made sure to drink plenty of water today to beat the heat.

Tonight was Option Night! ILC went to Fritz’s: a restaurant known for their unique table-side delivery and fun train theme. Afterwards we went to Pioneer Crossing Park, a park that explains the history of trails that stretch west from Shawnee. We also found a playground at the top of some hidden steps and hung out in the shade. It was a nice little park. Before heading back to the church, we stopped at Andy’s Frozen Custard and got some yummy and cold sweet treats!🍦🍨

We’ll report to you back tomorrow!

  • Adria and Lindie