Day 2

Today on our first service day in Kanas City, we got up for our nutritious breakfast of eggs, sausage, and the classic cereal. After packing our lunch our team spilt up to go to our respective service sites. 

Today was a day full of gardening, as three of our groups went to gardens, while the forth went to a soup kitchen. Mickey, Piper, and Allison went to a garden where they shoveled a large amount of duck poop. They also ran into “velcro” weed — stuck to your skin and scratched arms and legs.

Mike, Ethan, Zach, and Tate weeded and pruned a vineyard and tore down a fence that was near a honey bee hive (no reported stings!).  Adria, Taffy, Lindie, and Abby worked at Blue Valley Community Garden building plant beds and transplanting flowers,  In the afternoon, they worked at the church where we are staying, painting a fence and pulling weeds. 

Hannah, Peyton, Payton, and Steve worked at the Nourish soup kitchen where they served those who could not afford food.  Table and chairs have been donated to the soup kitchen so that the people could be served their meals like in a restaurant. They also prepped food for the next day meal —- cutting up lots of fruit and vegitables.

Then after a hot day of work, we all headed to clean up at the showers. Then, we went back to the church to enjoy tacos for dinner. Afterwards, we heard from a Kansas City native, John, who shared with us some stories and history of the city.

We gathered for worship as a group and then broke into our church groups to talk.  It’s time for lights outk!

  • Mickey, Zach, and Tate


Here are a few pics from the day.  I will add more tomorrow