Meet the Staff of Immanuel Lutheran Church


Pastor Curt Joseph came to Immanuel in 1999.  He grew up in Chicago and graduated from Wartburg College in 1971, and completed his Master of Divinity degree from Wartburg in 1975. His first parish was St. John Lutheran Church in Woden, Iowa from 1975-1981. He then took a call at Highland Park Lutheran Church in Des Moines, Iowa, from 1981-1999.  He  taught Philosophy at DMACC from 1988 to 2013, umpired High School and Jr. College baseball and softball from 1984 to 2007, and is a published author.

When he is not leading Immanuel, Pastor Joseph enjoys time with his wife, Lisa, and their four children & six grandchildren.  He is also an avid paintballer, enjoys traveling, reading, movies, and of course, his grandchildren.

He considers good communication as one of his strengths, as well as being a good listener & being there for people.  He is also a good joke teller!

Immanuel’s strengths are the warmth of its people, good worship, and something for everyone. 

What should someone looking for a church consider?  That worship centers around the WORD OF GOD AND THE SACRAMENTS.  Sermons that are based on the Bible, not on the DSM Register or Newsweek.  A worship that contains a confession of sin and the hope of the resurrection.  



Pastor Marti Nalean came to Immanuel in 2010 with her husband Steve, as new members.  In November 2011 she began Beyond the River Academy.  In June 2014 Pastor Nalean received her degree in Pastoral Ministry.  Immanuel called her as Outreach / Associate Pastor in October 2014.  In December 2015 she bacame the Youth Pastor for Immanuel.

When she is not interacting with ALL of the youth at Immanuel, Pastor Marti enjoys camping & fishing with her husband Steve, two children, and three grandchildren. She enjoys being out in nature.

She considers her strength to be reaching out to kids with the love of Christ. I am a good encourager and enjoy talking about faith with others.

We chose Immanuel because we felt the pastor and members were sincere and very welcoming.  The Gospel is preached in it's entirety. There is also a strong sense of family connectedness among our members.