2022 Youth Mission Trip - Kansas City, MO

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June 23, 2022

Day 5

Today was our last day of service in the Kansas City community. We wrapped up at familiar sites. At Metro’s Lutheran Ministry, we shopped and restocked food pantry shelves. At Pal’s Farms and the Nourish Food Kitchen, the other crews continued their work they started at the beginning of the week.

After service work and showers, people we pretty tired and ready to sleep. There were braid circles with new friends and giggle sessions, while others read to each other.

Supper was a unique and fun experience. We got the opportunity to invite people from the community or our work sites to “The Cook Out”. The people we invited told us more about themselves and why they chose to dedicate their time for others. They will always have a special place in our hearts.

After dinner we had a worship that had singing, laughing, and dancing. We all would either scream the songs out while holding our hands in the air or sway with each other while we gently sang along.

The service ended with the reading of Jesus washing his disciple’s feet. So we got to experience that connection while our leaders washed our feet and prayed for us.

We ended the night with our own church time and we shared and process together.

See you soon! We know you missed us.

-Taffy and Hannah



June 22, 2022

Day 4

Hey everybody!

Let me talk to you about our day today, fourth day of the week. First, we woke up a little tired then normal, but thats usual, since we are almost through the entire week. After breakfast was finished, we started our day of service! Most of the groups changed locations, and worked on different sites today. Those include apartments, thrift stores, pantries, and churches. At the pantry, people served, waitressed, helped in the kitchen, etc. At the apartments, we did organizing, moving, and cleaning. At the thrift stores, we sorted clothing, toys, shoes, along with picking up donations and running the cash register.

Later after finishing up with showering, we went on a little trip to the KC Plaza! We were there to complete a scavenger hunt for one hour. On the scavenger hunt, we were looking for clues at the water fountain and other places near by. When the scavenger hunt was completed, we headed back to the church to finish up with Gathering. At the Gathering, we listened to many songs, and played games. We also listened to a short story and then went on our way to church time. We talked about the day, and what stood out to us. It was a very good and relaxing day, since the heat wasn’t too bad. The tempature in the morning was at lest 75 degrees. Anyway, that was the spiel of the day!

Thanks for listening to our great day, and we will keep you in on the insight!

-Payton and Peyton (P squared)






June 21, 2022

Howdy everyone!

Today was Day 2 of service work! We continued to love authentically for real, sticking to out theme this week. The majority of our groups worked at the same sites, but some had different work in different areas today. A new site we worked at today was Metro Lutheran Ministries: their main purpose is connect people to services they need such as housing, employment, healthcare, job training and more. Their ministry is growing so today we helped them move around equipment and supplies in order to run more efficiently and serve more people.

Because of the heat today, outside work was tough—but we continued to endure and help gardens and gardeners harvest and plant to provide produce throughout the season. We made sure to drink plenty of water today to beat the heat.

Tonight was Option Night! ILC went to Fritz’s: a restaurant known for their unique table-side delivery and fun train theme. Afterwards we went to Pioneer Crossing Park, a park that explains the history of trails that stretch west from Shawnee. We also found a playground at the top of some hidden steps and hung out in the shade. It was a nice little park. Before heading back to the church, we stopped at Andy’s Frozen Custard and got some yummy and cold sweet treats!🍦🍨

We’ll report to you back tomorrow!

  • Adria and Lindie





June 20, 2022

Day 2

Today on our first service day in Kanas City, we got up for our nutritious breakfast of eggs, sausage, and the classic cereal. After packing our lunch our team spilt up to go to our respective service sites. 

Today was a day full of gardening, as three of our groups went to gardens, while the forth went to a soup kitchen. Mickey, Piper, and Allison went to a garden where they shoveled a large amount of duck poop. They also ran into “velcro” weed — stuck to your skin and scratched arms and legs.

Mike, Ethan, Zach, and Tate weeded and pruned a vineyard and tore down a fence that was near a honey bee hive (no reported stings!).  Adria, Taffy, Lindie, and Abby worked at Blue Valley Community Garden building plant beds and transplanting flowers,  In the afternoon, they worked at the church where we are staying, painting a fence and pulling weeds. 

Hannah, Peyton, Payton, and Steve worked at the Nourish soup kitchen where they served those who could not afford food.  Table and chairs have been donated to the soup kitchen so that the people could be served their meals like in a restaurant. They also prepped food for the next day meal —- cutting up lots of fruit and vegitables.

Then after a hot day of work, we all headed to clean up at the showers. Then, we went back to the church to enjoy tacos for dinner. Afterwards, we heard from a Kansas City native, John, who shared with us some stories and history of the city.

We gathered for worship as a group and then broke into our church groups to talk.  It’s time for lights outk!

  • Mickey, Zach, and Tate


Here are a few pics from the day.  I will add more tomorrow









June 19, 2022

Day 1

Hello everyone,

Today we arrived in Kansas City, Missouri from a 3 hour trip a little earlier than expected. So we decided to take a detour around town.  When we got to the church and got settled in and started meeting all of our church friends, I can tell this is going to be a great group of people to serve and have fun with. The AC of the main gathering area went out and we ate, danced and sang in a fanned area and are all sweating. Hopefully it gets fixed by the end of the week. Have a good night!

-Tate and Piper